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Are there ANY SECRETS to SUCCESS my friends??

Why do people get so far out of focus, thinking they are right, yet not achieving what they set out to achieve?

Why do people persist for years with unproductive thought patterns and actions?

Is it fear? Is it stupidity? Is it lack of focus? Self-Confidence?

I read an article this morning that stated the single biggest secret to success is to have a good mastermind group. The author is not financially successful. Yet she truly believes that all you need is a group of like minded individuals, encouraging and supporting each other and success is imminent.

What a load of BS.

Don’t get me wrong. A mastermind group is important but it’s not the secret to success.
The only secret, which is no secret at all, is to sell lots of product. You and your team, all focused on selling product will create financial success.

Nothing but selling products or services creates financial success. There is a seller with a valuable product and a buyer who needs that product to solve an existing product. End of story. Bullseye of every target. Money must exchange hands for success to happen.

That’s the secret to success and it’s not much of a secret. Business owners around the world know it.
It’s only in network marketing that it’s become a secret. Too many “gurus” offering solutions that take people down some rabbit trail. Such as the mastermind group. Good tool to have in your box but it’s not the secret to success.

If only people would think and analyze what they are being told.

Ask the question: What is going to put money in my pocket? What is going to put money in my team’s pockets? And focus on those solutions to those problems and leave the rest for later.

Have a Nice day!

How To Earn Money From Your Blogging!!!

Step 1 – Create Your Blog
The first step to make money from blogging is, quite obviously, to set up a blog. The quickest and easiest way is to head off to blogger and create an account there (some other free systems do not allow paid blogging).


But you get more freedom and scope for income if you don’t use a free host. So instead, look at hosting the blog yourself. Look around for a website host that includes either a single click installation of WordPress or their own free blog tool. There are plenty about!


Step 2 – Get Writing

This is vital! Get writing, every day without fail if you can! Build up a stock of related content that is appealing to readers and search engines. The more of a library you can build up, the better your blog will be.


Step 3 – Push Your Blog (Get a domain)

Start getting links in and traffic arriving from other websites to build your blog. Do this by joining in with forums, posting comments on other blogs, writing articles and submitting them to directories, guest posting, link exchanges and absolutely anything else that you can do to spread the word of your new blog. Position yourself as an expert and professional. Get the best and the cheapest domain at



Step 4 – Now Start To Earn Some Money

Now that the hard work is over, it is high time that you turned your blog into a money making machine!

Direct Advertisers Unbelievably, there will be occasions when advertisers come to you and ask if they can pay you for a link on your website. It happens and the payments are good. But you really need to have prepared the site well for this to happen. It certainly makes the effort worth while and a single home page link can pay your hosting bills for a year or two!


Paid Posting This is where you will probably spend most of your time, other than writing new content! Sign up to schemes such as PayPerPost, BlogDistributor and so on and have advertisers paying you to write a short post about them and leave a link on your blog. With a well written blog that has been properly prepared, you can make a lot of cash this way each month. $300 each month can be easily earned per blog, if everything is done correctly!

Google AdSense Don’t want to go to the effort of writing sponsored posts but have a good amount of search engine traffic? Then simply sign up to the AdSense program, add maybe two advertising units to the layout of your blog and then go back to the writing.

Affiliate Selling This one is only suitable for blogs with plenty of traffic, but if you are discussing products then why not link to where they are on sale? And by doing this you can earn a commission with every sale that your blog makes!





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Making Money Online Using Your Website

A really great thing about today’s technological era is the existence many ways to earn money brought about by technology and the internet. Suddenly, big companies are outsourcing jobs and services to outsourcing companies halfway around the globe, providing great income-generating potentials for a lot of people. The internet is a means to bridge people and companies across the globe, providing online income opportunities to jobseekers and businesses. If you are really serious about making money online, setting up a website or two is a good idea but many are looking at setting up their own website as a big technical challenge.

But really, maintaining a website is not as hard as you might think it is, as attested by thousands who are making profits out of their websites and blogs. You might as well jump in the boat before missing out on the trip. A lot of income-generating opportunities await you with a website of your own and here are some of them:

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is all around the internet nowadays and many are making a great deal of money out of this. In order for you to be a success in affiliate marketing, all you have to do is spruce up your website by allocating good and informative web content and find an appropriate affiliate program for your target niche. You must find ways to generate traffic to your website to earn good money out of commissions on every sale from the advertised product you carry in your website or blog.

Google AdSense Another good and sure way to rake in big money is to sign up with Google AdSense. It works very much like affiliate marketing, where you try to attract as much visitors to your website as you possibly can to increase your chances of advertisement hits on your website. The more clicks you generate, the more money you make through Google.

Launch Your Own Product If you are in the business long enough and you have gained valuable experience and knowledge, then you can market your own product or idea on your own using marketing strategies and techniques you’ve learned throughout your internet marketing career.

Plus, having your own websites increase your professionalism and uplift you as a great leader as you learn the attraction marketing. Here’s are some of the best tips to choose your domain name and branding strategies:

>>Choosing Domain Strategy Video<<



Start Internet Home Business By Studying Correct Information,First.

Ebook Era


To start internet home business requires the right first choices. The very first question is, where can a newbie get the correct tips, i.e. what internet society is his or her future reference group? To start internet home business means starting with some group, it is like to select the right sports club for a junior ice hockey player.

I have recommended many times, that a newbie should start from a marketing discussion forum and to build contacts with other starters. That is my recommendation also now, but one additional way is to start reading some proven and reputable ebook about the start, which is written to the newbies.

1. Where To Find The Best Newbie Ebooks?

The internet community is the best group to ask from. This internet community can be newbies, who meet in the discussion forum, if the forum is appreciated and reputable one. It is also nice to find a free ebook to start internet home business with. Actually most tools and reading material should be free in the start. That will minimize the risk and keep the investments on a low level.


2. The Ebook Can Be The Future Manual.


An useful ebook about how to start an internet business can be like a manual from which a newbie can check the tactics and which he can read repeatedly to better remember the things. This means that the ebook must cover a full range of internet marketing tactics.


3. A Newbie Ebook Must Be Written Without Usual Business Jargon.

Despite of the fact, that a newbie must learn the correct business terms, it is important that the ebook author has written the text with the language, which a newbie can easily understand. Otherwise he can easily skip the whole book.


4. The Ebook Must Give Tips Of The Useful Tools.

It is important, when a newbie will start internet home business, that the ebook gives him recommendations about the needed tools, but without the idea to make money to the author. Most tools should be free or there should be a free alternative, because then a newbie can easier try the tool without a big financial risk.


5. An Ebook Can Be Your Long Time Friend.

A good ebook can cover the whole range of the internet marketing guidance and can be used later, when a newbie is ready to expand his area of know how. The idea is, that a newbie can use one tool as a main source of information and to fulfil that know how with other useful tips.

Now you can make your own ebook too! Its that simple! Im gonna show you in the post!


Proven Internet Business Tips for All Online Marketers

Hello My Friends! =) Internet business tips are a dime a dozen today. Thousands of websites are filled with so called guru tips for Internet businesses. If you will read all the business advices available online, you might suffer from information overload.

To save you from information overload, here are some practical tips on how to make your online business more competitive and successful.

Marketing Is the Key to Your Success
If you have an online business, you have to give more weight to online marketing. That is because marketing can make or break your business. You have to bear in mind that your online business will never succeed if you can not attract people to take your offer.
You have to start your marketing efforts the moment you build a business website. Use all marketing tools available for you. You can compete in the search war or you could engage in Pay per Click advertising. It is also ideal to explore article marketing or flooding the web with press releases. There are many tools available for you. All you need to do is adopt one or several marketing methods to magnetize customers to your website.
Provide Value for Your Customers
Giving value to your target market is one of the most common Internet business tips that you can find today. That is because onlineconsumers are very picky. If you can not provide value to them, then they will immediately look for better alternatives.
You have to make sure that your products and services can answer theunique needs of your target market. If you provide a solution to other people’s problems, then you are creating value for them. This could mean massive sales for you.
It is also unproductive to simply push your products to consumers. You need to pre-sell your products and services by providing accurate information to your customers. Give details about your products andunderscore the benefits that you offer. Through effective pre-selling, more people will be encouraged to do business with you.
These are the two crucial Internet business tips for all online entrepreneurs. Providing value for consumers and adopting a solid marketing strategy are key elements that will determine your online success.