How To Earn Money From Your Blogging!!!

Step 1 – Create Your Blog
The first step to make money from blogging is, quite obviously, to set up a blog. The quickest and easiest way is to head off to blogger and create an account there (some other free systems do not allow paid blogging).


But you get more freedom and scope for income if you don’t use a free host. So instead, look at hosting the blog yourself. Look around for a website host that includes either a single click installation of WordPress or their own free blog tool. There are plenty about!


Step 2 – Get Writing

This is vital! Get writing, every day without fail if you can! Build up a stock of related content that is appealing to readers and search engines. The more of a library you can build up, the better your blog will be.


Step 3 – Push Your Blog (Get a domain)

Start getting links in and traffic arriving from other websites to build your blog. Do this by joining in with forums, posting comments on other blogs, writing articles and submitting them to directories, guest posting, link exchanges and absolutely anything else that you can do to spread the word of your new blog. Position yourself as an expert and professional. Get the best and the cheapest domain at



Step 4 – Now Start To Earn Some Money

Now that the hard work is over, it is high time that you turned your blog into a money making machine!

Direct Advertisers Unbelievably, there will be occasions when advertisers come to you and ask if they can pay you for a link on your website. It happens and the payments are good. But you really need to have prepared the site well for this to happen. It certainly makes the effort worth while and a single home page link can pay your hosting bills for a year or two!


Paid Posting This is where you will probably spend most of your time, other than writing new content! Sign up to schemes such as PayPerPost, BlogDistributor and so on and have advertisers paying you to write a short post about them and leave a link on your blog. With a well written blog that has been properly prepared, you can make a lot of cash this way each month. $300 each month can be easily earned per blog, if everything is done correctly!

Google AdSense Don’t want to go to the effort of writing sponsored posts but have a good amount of search engine traffic? Then simply sign up to the AdSense program, add maybe two advertising units to the layout of your blog and then go back to the writing.

Affiliate Selling This one is only suitable for blogs with plenty of traffic, but if you are discussing products then why not link to where they are on sale? And by doing this you can earn a commission with every sale that your blog makes!





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