Are there ANY SECRETS to SUCCESS my friends??

Why do people get so far out of focus, thinking they are right, yet not achieving what they set out to achieve?

Why do people persist for years with unproductive thought patterns and actions?

Is it fear? Is it stupidity? Is it lack of focus? Self-Confidence?

I read an article this morning that stated the single biggest secret to success is to have a good mastermind group. The author is not financially successful. Yet she truly believes that all you need is a group of like minded individuals, encouraging and supporting each other and success is imminent.

What a load of BS.

Don’t get me wrong. A mastermind group is important but it’s not the secret to success.
The only secret, which is no secret at all, is to sell lots of product. You and your team, all focused on selling product will create financial success.

Nothing but selling products or services creates financial success. There is a seller with a valuable product and a buyer who needs that product to solve an existing product. End of story. Bullseye of every target. Money must exchange hands for success to happen.

That’s the secret to success and it’s not much of a secret. Business owners around the world know it.
It’s only in network marketing that it’s become a secret. Too many “gurus” offering solutions that take people down some rabbit trail. Such as the mastermind group. Good tool to have in your box but it’s not the secret to success.

If only people would think and analyze what they are being told.

Ask the question: What is going to put money in my pocket? What is going to put money in my team’s pockets? And focus on those solutions to those problems and leave the rest for later.

Have a Nice day!


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