A Brief Profile of Neal Izham

Hai my friends!

Firstly i’d like to THANK YOU for dropping by my blog. Ok I wont write long for the intro just a brief on hows my life going on so far..
Orait, im still young..hihi im only 20 now..i was born on 28 January 1990 in Kluang Johor southern of Malaysia..Im the youngest in the family of 7. i have one brother,Leo and all other 5 sisters.. though im the youngest but im not spoilt..=)
From right : Leo, Elia, Fiona, Lonia, Yuliana, Lydia and that’s me RUN FREE
Lots of things go through my life, my family and all people around me. Some are so sweet to remember and some are so hard to forget. My father is an ex-banker and he quits his job at his early 50’s.  He then open up his first business for the supply of Imported juice from Egypt. “JUICE BEST” =)..
I worked with him after i finish my upper secondary school. This is the best part where i involved myself in true business. I work as a van driver that loaded as many as 30 cartons of juice (which is so packed) at the age of 18. During the starting days,if i make 4 cartons sales it would be such a victorious moment for me! haha me and my partner which is my school friend,Naim search for any restaurant,groceries shop or any shop that sells drink throughout the day..though it was so tiring but I can still remember each of every moment with my partner had face along the marketing process..sometimes we are so welcome and some rather act like we weren’t there..huhuhu
As time goes,I wonderfully further my study in Malaysia’s First Ranked University,which is University Malaya (UM) taking a Degree in Civil Engineering. i meet new friends from all walks of life. my roomates,my buddies, my bestfriends, my coarsemates, my beloved college Fourth Residential College. I joined many sorts of project in the university in a way to provide me more knowledge and more experience so that i can push myself to the limit.



I get myself involved in social education programme that covers schools all over Malaysia
But then, at one time…my fathers business faced a financial crisis..i wasn’t able to help..i wished i could have lots of money in my bank account to back up my dad’s business..fortunately my mother open up a crystal shop and then the story goesss on and on..until I found what had really change my life!
We shall continue on the next post!!!



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