Why Loving Your MLM Product May Be Killing Your MLM Business?

We’ve all heard before that you should use your products and be enthusiastic about them to help grow your MLM business, right?
It makes perfect sense. You’re not going to sell your product or encourage others to start a business with you if you DON’T use and love your product…some say BELIEVE, BELIEVE and BELIEVE
Loving your MLM company’s products could be killing your MLM business.
Let me share with you a real example from my own network marketing experience.
When I joined my well known network marketing company (I had never made a PENNY before or sponsored anyone, because I didn’t have a system to follow) I joined an education MLM company. I used the products and absolutely loved them, saw huge changes in my personal development and decided this would be a good business to build. THIS was my deciding factor – a VERY good products.
What I didn’t take a good look at was the recruitment process, the system in place for training new reps, the residual payments, the order process, the prospecting costs, the competition, the pricing, the methods my upline were using to recruit, the commission I would be paid on my entire downline etc etc.
I thought good products = good business opportunity for ME
Well, 5 weeks of trying to grow my business and although I was making slow progress I was facing challenges because I had not looked at the whole system properly. The BUSINESS was not a good fit for me even though the products were great.
I had so much emotional attachment to the products that I kept going despite several alarm bells going off in my head that I was making this HARDER on myself by not seeking out something more suitable.
Finally, after 9 weeks of trying to make it work I started doing my research and found something that was suitable for online marketing as well as offline, that paid out a LARGE residual income without me having to call up my customers to get them to reorder, I would get paid for my entire downline unlimited levels, delivery was all automated as was the sign up process..and many more benefits.
Not only that, but the product was SOLID and competition non-existent.
Now I’m not saying that you should quit your MLM and join mine. In fact, mine may not be right for you but what I AM saying is that just because you LOVE the product it does NOT mean that the BUSINESS is right for you.
Detach your emotions from your business and ask yourself – is this WORKING? Is there a missing link that is stopping me from succeeding?
Then go find a business that has everything you need, INCLUDING a great product, but not ONLY.
I found it very hard emotionally to leave my last company (and I never really left, I still provide the best solutions for my customers) but my BUSINESS has taken off because of it. In fact, once I found the right company and product for me I made 47 hot prospect ready to work in my first 13 days, made more than I was making per month in my first 4 weeks and went on to have auto 68 leads in less than 58 days.
So do your homework and let go of your emotions – then you’re in BUSINESS.






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