How To Run Your Business Without Being Annoyed

Here in my case, i’d highlight on using Facebook as your business medium

I have been on Facebook for awhile now and have met so many awesome people that are network marketers. It is amazing how much you can learn from others! Facebook is turning into a great way to generate leads in assist in the network marketing recruiting process. A lot of people use Facebook the wrong way and are actually started to get people very annoyed.

When started out on Facebook, you typically don’t have many friends, so we need to find some. To start, you will want to join a couple groups that have something to do with network marketing. When you join these groups, not only will you find people to be your friend, but people will also find you and ask to be your friend.
Now, there is a right way of asking for friendship and a wrong way. The right way is no add a personal message to your new friend. Saying something like. Hey Bob, I saw you in the MLM group and thought we could connect on Facebook. Looking forward to getting to know you better! Have a great day. The wrong way would be to just send the friend request, with no message. This is almost like spamming. You want to connect with people and get to know them and have them get to know you and trust you. Remember, trust will bring in sales!
The absolute worst you could do is send a personal message (while requesting friendship) asking people to join your business and telling people how great your business is. If someone did that to me, I would accept their friendship. My goal would then be to help educate them on marketing etiquette, but I would not even think of joining their business or even looking at the person’s profile. That is almost like calling a purchased lead and asking right away to join your business without getting to know them first. It just doesn’t work!
So, now that we have friends on Facebook, we want to interact with them. On the home page we see people comments and we just want to start interacting with them. Make comments when needed. “Like” something. I know that when someone comments or likes what I have to say, I usually look at their profile. When people like your comments and they are not friends with you, they are more likely to ask you to be their friend.
The whole point of Facebook is to add valueeducate, and build a reputation of trust and helpfulness if you give the opposite, people will ignore you and certainly not buy anything that you have to offer. If someone were really interested in succeeding in MLM, whom would they choose as a mentor, one that is helpful, educates, and entertains, or one that just is out their selling their business opp? The more you give out to the community, the more you will get back. People will just be attracted to you and not run away, like calling a cold lead.
Facebook is a great way to help out with network marketing recruiting, but people abuse it. If you would like attend a free webinar right now and learn how to generate 20 leads daily online from using Facebook, then click here:
To Your Success Friends!

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