Article Marketing for Blogging – 5 Effective Tips for Bloggers

I am writing this article for those bloggers who wish to promote their blogs using article marketing. Here’s what you can do to attract as much traffic as possible:

Target the best keywords.
Start by knowing the most searched keywords related to your blog. These words will help you easily figure out the topics you need to write to easily address the learning needs of your target audience. Launch reliable keyword suggestion tools and key in the term that is closely related to your chosen niche. You’ll then get a list of keywords based on their popularity.
Next step is to think of topics around these terms/phrases. As much as possible, create how to or tips list type of articles as they are proven to be more attention-grabbing. For example, if you wish to target the term social media marketing, you can write articles that offer tips on how your readers can use social media marketing in promoting the products or services that they sell in the online arena. This is a lot better compare to writing articles about the history of Twitter or FaceBook.

You may also want to use free keyword researcher software like Wordtracker @

Always use catchy titles.
I am sure you would love to get as many people as possible to open and read your articles. This will happen if you make use of headlines that are not only catchy but descriptive and benefit-driven as well. Tell your readers the gist of your content using powerful words. Don’t forget to tell them what’s in it for them to entice them even more.
Make your introduction or first paragraph descriptive.
Get your readers on the edge of their seats by making your introduction catchy and intriguing. Tell your readers the kind of information that awaits them. These people must have a good idea as to what is in store for them the moment they read your first paragraph. To ensure that they’ll read your articles until the end, do not offer all the good stuff upfront. Offer something that will interest your readers but make sure that you’ll leave them wanting for more.

Organize your articles and make them easy on the eyes.
Avoid using lengthy paragraphs and complicated sentences. Online users will most likely to be drawn to your copies if they are well-written, very organized, and easy on the eyes. You can make this happen by simply explaining each of your ideas using number list or very short paragraphs. It will also help if you make use of subheadings so your readers will know right away the content of your next paragraph. Doing this will help your readers in easily scanning your content and quickly finding the exact information that they’re looking for.
Offer lots of useful information.
Keep in mind that your main goal in doing article marketing is to get your readers to visit your blog. This will only happen if they’re pleased with your copies. These people will follow you online if you make your articles speak volumes about your expertise.
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