By Neal Izham

Author of

Hi Everyone!

This time i’ve something really special to ALL of you espeacially if you are in network marketing.  Read through this article as I’m gonna briefly explain what is Camtasia V7 is all about and how it works to you.

First off, it is the most latest version of Camtasia Studio Software that allow Screen Capture, Voice Narration and Easy Powerpoint build in presentation. In simplier form, it records the activities on the screen as you can show your viewers what you really are talking about and showing them how.

You definitely need camtasia softwares in order to simplify almost all of your marketing works, videos, tutorials, presentation etc. With high definition clear video quality will set you front from others. No more handycam recording whatsoever.

Camtasia Control Panel


With your PC’s/lappy’s screen is recordable, you can fully guide your audience/readers to exactly what you want them to do or to follow, its that simple and you can convert the video files to almost any format mp4,mpeg,avi or you can even upload it straight away. By providing TRUE values and GOOD content, you will be seen as the TRUE LEADER, a PROFESSIONAL and someone’s with high interest,  serious and know what’s he’s/she’s doing.

Plus! This software worth $299, am I  BS’ing? Go to for more information and buy it from there IF you don’t want to get it for FREE.

3-Easy-Steps to get the access code for FREE:

  1. Email to ( my personal account)
  2. I’m gonna forward 5 simple basic questions regarding Internet Marketing
  3. If you score atleast  3/5 , you’ll get the key registration of Camtasia V7  IMMEDIATELY

p/s: You can take the test  again and again by sending another email  in case you FAIL.

To find more FREE Marketing training on generating leads and building a team without spending thousands of dollars on PPC, Cold Callings, prospecting, group meeting etc . Go to I’ll See You there!


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